Best car seat reviews

Best car seat reviews

Parents have to look into many factors when buying car seats for their children. Today, the automobile market is filled with countless choices of car seats and choosing the best car seat becomes an overwhelming task for parents. Parents must know about the types of car seats available that cater to different age, weight and height of the children. Parents also have to look for car seats that comply with the federal law of the state. Parents have to keep in mind that infants have to be placed in only rear facing mode as per the law while the toddlers can be placed in both front facing and rear facing modes. Here you can read about some of the best car seats available in the market. You can read through a comparison article on maxi cosi pria 70 vs 85 to know the best car seat. 


Evenflo is one of the leading brands of car seats that offer great comfort during the travel. Usually the seat models are lightweight and have a compact design. Evenflo car seat models are best recommended for parents who change the vehicles often. The models undergo various tests to measure the safety and impact protection level during crashes. Evenflo car seat models obey the safety guidelines and serve as perfect fit for number of vehicles.


Graco is a good choice when it comes to child safety during a road travel as the seats are fitted with LATCH system. Graco booster seats can accommodate children weighing between 30 and 100 pounds and height ranging from 38 to 57 inches having high back support. They can be changed to backless mode when the child outgrows and weigh between 40 and 100 lbs and have the height ranging from 40 to 57 inches. The seats can be installed using one hand and the LATCH mechanism ensures secure connection to the vehicle. 

Britax Frontier & Pioneer

Britax car seats are widely praised by the parents in USA. Britax Frontier and Pioneer are the two basic models that excel in providing safety to kids while on the go. Frontier is comparatively expensive and has added features that are not seen in Pioneer models. Otherwise, both the car seat models share common features that cater to every need of the child's comfort during a road travel. The best features of Frontier seats include ClickTight mechanism, EZ-Buckle system, Hugs chest cushion and higher height limit. Some of the common features that Frontier and Pioneer models share include 5-point harness, front adjustable recline feature, easily removable seat covers, cup holders, padded armrests, harness that requires no rethreading, LATCH connectors, color coded belts, etc.


Chicco is another best car seat model that is easy to install and offers smooth protection during a crash. It is an ideal choice and can accommodate children weight above 20 pounds. A few of its models incorporate SuperCinch LATCH system which ensures safe installation.